Beach Boys

1. Barbara Ann

Here are the Beach Boys doing one of their favorite love songs “live” at Waikiki. I know a few women with the name of Barbara, and whenever I see them, this song runs through my mind.

2. Surfing USA

This is the very first song I heard by them, and I loved it so much, and still do. I wish I could be surfing right now.

3. Kokomo

Apparently, they have had hits in every decade. This is one of their recent ones. ” Come on pretty Mama.”

4. Help me Rhonda

This is a song about asking Rhonda to get the old girlfriend out of the guys heart. It is not good to have an empty heart, so they want to replace the empty spot with Rhonda.

5. The Beach Boys Surfing USA “live” at Waikiki

Here is a “live” version of The Beach Boys’ famous song.

6. God only knows

I find it interesting to see they believe in God. A lot of modern pop singer do not.

7. Sloop John B

Although this is a very sad song, they seem to make it feel good.

8. Fun Fun Fun

About a girl they want to have fun with. The only problem is her ‘old man.’

9. Good Vibrations

I remember being at a fun park show where these big bear ‘puppets’ were singing this song. It was really high tech. You will see Paul McCartney with them. It is interesting to see them hanging out together.


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