Favorite love songs by Chuck Berry

I admire Chuck Berry’s song writing ability, plus his guitar playing and showmanship. Here are some favorite love songs by the pioneer of rock and roll.

1. Promised Land “live”

This was a big song for Elvis.

2. Johnny B. Goode – Hollywood-a-go-go

When I was a teenager I remember watching Hollywood a go go at a friend’s house. Some of my special memories of favorite love songs.

3. Sweet little sixteen

He knows how to rock and roll.

4. Interview with Johnny Carson

I enjoy this so much.

5. Rock ’n roll music – with Tina Turner

Some hot moments.

6. Interview with Chuck Berry

7. School days

Most of my favorite love songs I heard while at high school.

8. Roll over Beethoven

This one runs through my mind many times, and takes me back to my room when I was a teenager. I often hear it on the radio by the Beatles.

9. Memphis Tennessee – My favorite love song by Chuck Berry

Where I come from, this was a big hit for Johnny Rivers. Although this is a sad story, I love the song. It is very sad to see marriages break up. At present I am reading a book by Alex Baldwin and his broken marriage, and love for his daughter.

10. No particular place to go

I often think of this drama, and it takes my mind back to a place I know overlooking a vast valley of lights from a big city.

11. Maybellene

I heard that when The Beatles visited Elvis Presley, that they jammed together playing this song.