Favorite Love Songs

I am going to list some of my Favorite Love Songs, plus some other ones too. Hope you like them.

1. When you’re in love – my favorite love song

Here is my favorite love song, written and sung by myself. I have changed the song to bluegrass beat with pictures.

2. But you love me Daddy – Jim Reeves

Yesterday I was looking at a picture of my son when he was little, and this morning this song is on my heart.

3. A little bit south of Saskatoon – Sonny James

I was waiting for someone the other day and heard this on the radio. Sonny James. It sounds like a Canadian song. The winters are long and hard in Canada.

4. Winds of yesterday – Boxcar Willie

I can relate to this one, as I am getting older, my mind goes back many years. Old Boxcar Willie wants to turn the clock back fifty years.

5. Sunrise, sunset – Perry Como

Hearing this one on the radio during the week made me want to cry over my children. They have grown so fast, and the years just seem to have slipped by so fast. What happened?

6. Baby here I am – The HartAches

I have just finished watching part 2 of the movie, and I see this song is now available. I really enjoyed this movie. It touches the heart strings. I hope everybody finds true love.

7. Who’s gonna fill their shoes? – George Jones

This is very sentimental for me. George Jones on a side road in his bus. The gas station man says everybody takes the freeway now. It is hard competing with progress.

8. Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus

Don’t tell Billy  that I got his song on my site. This crowd is really swinging. It’s like they are rocking Nashville.

9. Sixteen reasons – Connie Stevens

Sixteen reasons why I love you. This is a very romantic love song, done so beautifully by a beautiful lady. She sings about laughing eyes, kissing in the car and lots of other things.

10. Everybody will be happy – Hew Haw

I like to be happy, and this is the Hew Haw guys singing about it. No more crying.

11. Love me do – The Beatles

The Beatles sang a lot of love songs. They wanted to be loved. Most people want to be loved. Love is better than hate. There is too much hate in the world.

12. High heel sneakers – The Rolling Stones

Put on your red dress Baby, we’re going out tonight. That line by the Rolling Stones grabbed me as a kid. There is something about a red dress, blond hair and high heel shoes. I think it is like waving that red flag in front of a bull in the Spanish arena that makes him charge. So beware women, if you wear a red dress!

13. Hey Paula – Ray Hildebrand and Jill Jackson

“I want to marry you.” Read the write up under the song. It is very interesting. I got an email from Ray the other day. He seems like a nice guy.

14. I guess I’m crazy – Jim Reeves

I love the way the bass is played on this song. That is why I use the same notes when I play piano. Jim Reeves has a nice style.

15. I’m a believer – The Monkees

They are The Monkees monkeying around with a very good subject. “I thought that love was only true in fairy tales.” Sometimes fairy tales come true.

16 Sweet Little Sixteen – Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry is a fantastic song writer, guitarist and singer. Wow. When he was a kid he wasn’t allowed to go into the ‘white’ halls, now he sings in them.

17. White Silver Sands – Slim Whitman

Here is a beautiful song with beautiful pictures. I remember when we were in Florida, that the sand was so white on the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico.

18. I like your kind of love – Andy Williams and Peggy Powers

I heard this one on the radio the other day, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. I searched through hundreds of songs until I found it. It is so different from the normal Andy Williams style.

19. Promised Land – Elvis Presley

This is Elvis singing about California. Written by Chuck Berry. Hey I wanna go there, before the earthquake drops it into the sea!

20. Let me walk with you – Stayley and Marilyn Allen

This is the way to get to the Promised Land.

21. Mocking Bird Hill – Patti Page

Patti Page sings so beautifully, and someone has added loads of nice pictures to make your heart feel warm and happy.

22. Maggie May – Rod Stewart

Here is Rod when he was young, complaining about how this woman was treating him so bad. It must be tough when so many girls want you.

23. Good Hearted Woman – Waylon Jennings

Waylon has a good woman who loves him no matter what he does. Lucky guy.

24. Leaving on a jet plane – Peter, Paul and Mary

Peter, Paul and Mary singing “live” in front of a big audience. I remember seeing the show on TV. I read once that John Denver wrote the song and made 250 records which he sent to various people, and they recorded it. On one other video you will see John with them.

25. Together again – Buck Owens

This looks like Buck Owens and the Buckaroos singing “live” on some TV show. I wish I could play steel guitar like that. Hey!

26. Save the last dance for me – Michael Buble

Michael Buble looks like such a nice guy, and the audience is so responsive. Wow. I love it when that one girl grabs his arm and doesn’t want to let go. A whole big orchestra backing him. Superb.

27. Don’t worry about me – Marty Robbins

I saw him on the TV where he was playing the piano when he sang this song. Marty sings some interesting words here. He says “Love can’t be explained, can’t be controlled, one day it’s warm, next day it’s cold.”

28. I don’t hurt anymore – Hank Snow

Hank touches on the sensitive subject of rejection, but now he doesn’t hurt anymore. That’s good. When I first heard this song, it meant so much to me, because I was hurting really bad from criticism. Some people criticized all my singing, and music, and songwriting.

29. Back home again – John Denver

I was on the road when I heard this song on the radio, and it made me want to go home. There is no place like home. He says the light in her eye makes him warm. Some very good words there.

30. Are all the children in? – Johnny Cash

As Johnny sings this song, it is like he paints a picture in my mind of “the old house on the hill, with a big yard hedged in roses, where we used to run and play at will.” This one has a big place in my heart.

31. Anything you want – You got it – Roy Orbison

It must be nice for the lady who was Roy’s wife – anything she wanted, he would buy for her. I guess a lot of girls want to be married to rich, generous guys.

32. Cotton Jenny – Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon don’t have any money, but he has love with Jenny, and love is the most important thing.

33. For the good times – Ray Price

Sometimes love goes wrong, but we must always remember the good times, and forget the bad ones. Ray has been singing for many years.

34. Everything I do – I do it for you – Bryan Adams

Feel the excitement as Bryan sings for a massive crowd of fans. It must be nice to be so popular.

35. I’m walking behind – Eddie Fisher

Sometimes the one you want, marries someone else. That’s the way it goes. Eddie Fisher explains it. Eddie is the father of the princess in Star Wars.

36. My Diane – The Bachelors

“Smile for me my Diane.” When you smile you look your best. Listen to what The Bachelors have to say. The other day on the radio, a guy said : “A smile is a crooked line that makes everything straight.” Wow, that is good!

37. Something good – Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer

“There you are standing there loving me.” Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer share an intimate moment in the moonlight in the movie ‘Sound of Music.’

38. Love’s gonna live here again – Buck Owens

This song was in my head this morning. Yesterday I did a section on Dwight Yoakam, and read his life story as well as the life story of Buck Owens. I am shocked at how many times he was married. So I guess this song is very real to him. I have read many books about famous movie stars and singers, and am shocked at how many marriages they have.

39. Am I that easy to forget – Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert says you’ve found somebody new, but that won’t stop him loving you. How’s that for faithfulness?

40. If we never meet again – Elvis Presley

I love the way the picture shows a road, representing a journey. When I was young I had a record of Elvis singing this, and I sing it over and over again in my mind all the time.

41. I can’t stop loving you – Guy and Ralna

Guy and Ralna look so good together. What a winning combination. Backed by the Lawrence Welk Orchestra. This is definitely one of my top favorite love songs.

42. That’s Old Fashioned – The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers believe in old fashioned love. They hold hands in the movie show.

43. He gets that from me – Reba McEntire

Some years back I heard a part of this song on the radio, so I am so glad I remembered it, and found it on the net. It is so touching. Some time back I read her book on her life story. It was very interesting. One thing she had to learn, was to look the people in the eye. when she sang to them.

44. Three steps to heaven – Eddie Cochran

Step one: you find a girl to love. Step two: she falls in love with you. If you want to know step three, then listen to this song by Eddie Cochran.

45. Remember you’re mine – Pat Boone

Pat says: “Be faithful Darling, have a wonderful time, but remember Darling, remember you’re mine.”

46. Watching Scotty grow – Bobby Goldsboro

The other day they were playing this song on the radio and said it was Bobby’s 71st birthday. This song reminds me of when my son was little. He was so much love, and although it was a long time ago, I keep thinking of how much love he was when he was small.

47. Ramblin Man – Waylon Jennings

I heard this song on the radio during the week, and decided it was worth putting on here. Don’t mess around with a rambling man!

48. Just another woman in love – Anne Murray

Sshh, don’t tell anyone that Anne is in love. “Come be my man.”

49. Running Bear – Johnny Preston

Johnny sings the tale of love between Running Bear and Little White Dove, accompanied by some beautiful pictures.

50. The night they drove old Dixie down – Joan Baez

The other night this song was running through my head all night long. I never wanted to list this one, because it brings out so many feelings. So many things happen in life that seem so wrong. I think of some people I knew long ago whose car was blown up by a land mine. That is so wrong.

51. When I fall in love – Nat King Cole

“When I fall in love, it will be forever.” Everyone needs to be loved. Without love, life has no meaning.

52. The Baron – Johnny Cash

I heard this song on the radio yesterday, and it gripped me. Listen to the end and see the twist in the story. Johnny at his finest.

53. I could have danced all night – Sarah Dufresne

I remember my mother singing this song when I was little, so it has been on my mind lately. Here is Sarah singing by the Welland Canal.

54. Elvis meets Bobby Darrin

I found this by accident, and found it so funny. In the background is a “live” recording of Elvis singing “A fool such as I.”  He sings: “You taught me how to milk a cow.” That’s not the right words! I found it so funny. He must have been a fun person.

55. Bridge over troubled water – Simon and Garfunkel

It is not easy to find friends that will go out of their way to help you, but I have had a few in my life. Thanks for the song Simon and Garfunkel.

56. Any man of mine – Shania Twain

What a crowd. Here is Shania “live” laying down the rules for her man.

57. Tammy – Debbie Reynolds

I heard this song again this week on the radio. Nice romance.

58. Everybody loves somebody sometime – John Wayne

I heard John singing a patriotic song on the radio once, but I can’t find it so I will put this one in instead. Him and Dean Martin make quite a pair of comedians.

59. Sing a song – The Carpenters

Make it simple, to last your whole life long. Don’t worry it it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear. The other day as I listened to this one on the radio, it was a comfort to me. Some people don’t like my singing, and it has affected me, but I must sing for myself.

60. I’ll see you in the rapture– unknown singer

I had a vision back in 1977, where I was going up in the air. It was very exciting. Friend, make sure you are ready for when Jesus comes.

61. Canada is – Roger Whitaker

Here is an English guy from Africa, promoting Canada. How is that for unusual?

62. God bless America again – Bobby Bare

Bobby says we took God’s blessing for granted. I have heard that there have been millions of abortions in America, and if that is the case, God has a right to judge America very severely.

63. This land is your land – Lee Greenwood

I think may countries sing this song with different words to suit their own geography. Some nice pictures here. I remember being in the Redwood Forest in California. Some trees there were 3000 years old.

64. Ramblin’ Fever – Merle Haggard

I used to travel a lot, the only problem is it costs lots of money. I saw a lot of places when I was a young singer. Merle has probably been more places than me.

65. Ramblin’ Boy – Tom Paxton

Here is another rambling song by a folk singer.

66. Palisades Park – Freddie Cannon

I have heard this song many times before, but hearing it again during the week I decided to add it to the list. It brings back so many memories of amusement parks that I have been to. For example the bumper cars. Lots of fun.

67. I get the fever – Bill Anderson

I heard this song for the first time the other day on the classic country radio station. Bill has had too much cruel love.

68. Movin’ on – Hank Snow

I have often heard this song on the radio, and here is a “live” version on a TV show.

69. Railroad Bum – Jim Reeves

I have been in Reno. “I gotta keep traveling all my life, over another hill.” Jim traveled a lot around the world.

70. Me and my house – John Waller

My daughter played me this song the other day of John singing on top of a building. It has a heavy message in video pictures.

71. Delta Dawn – Tanya Tucker

This song was running through my mind last night, so I felt I must put it on. Tanya was only 14.

72. Harper Valley PTA – Jeannie C. Riley

I remember reading that the hit record was recorded on one take, and that Jeannie was a back up singer, that became famous after the recording. I wish I could play guitar like that.

73. Bitter Green – Gordon Lightfoot

This song has been running through my mind. I have heard it a few times on the radio. A lot of people suffer from emotional problems, and lost loves.

74. Losing your love – Jim Reeves

When I was surfing around after the last song, I came across this one. When my wife heard it, she said I must put it on my site. She said it is so true in so many people’s lives. So here it is. Take a listen.

75. A Touch of heaven – The HartAches

This is the only song of theirs that I can find on the net. Their other one didn’t play.

76. You, you, you – The Ames Brothers

Here is another song I heard on that radio station. They play a lot of oldies. There are some very nice words in this one: “We were meant for each other. You could make my dreams come true.”

77. Movie clip – Shake, Rattle and Roll

This is a little bit of a movie that I have seen the first part of on the TV. It is a very interesting movie about the early days of Rock ‘n Roll. The band is called The HartAches, and they sing a little bit of their song called: “Baby here I am” during the acting.

78. Only love can break a heart – Gene Pitney

I was listening to this one on the radio last week. “Only love can mend it again.” I think there is lot of truth in those words. I remember hearing on the radio of Elvis’ mother saying she enjoyed his new song that she heard on the radio, but she was mistaken. She heard Gene singing Be bop a Lula, and thought it was Elvis.

79. My Baby left me – Elvis and company

Put on your blue suade shoes and shuffle to the Elvis blues.

80. It was the Rapture – Don Foster

Many years ago I remember reading that Johnny Cash said that every tenth song he sang was a gospel one. So this is what I have done in this section. This is my own song, based on a dream I had back in 1977.

81. He stopped loving her today – George Jones

This song has been running through my mind recently. Love is a strange thing. It cannot be worked out rationally. It is a mystery. The memory box stores everything away. Many times we love someone who doesn’t love us back.

82. Reuben James – Kenny Rogers

I heard this song for the first time yesterday on a country station in Buffalo. To me the words were very interesting. I listened to the “live” version on the net, but couldn’t hear all the words clearly, so that is when I have linked to the original recording. It made me think of a time when some black people helped me. In every nation, race, creed or color, there are nice people and horrible people. We need to remember the good folks.

83. The Bargain Store – Dolly Parton

I heard this one for the first time this week as well. Some very interesting words. She says the broken heart can be mended. She has wasted a lot of love, but she still has some more. Thanks Dolly.

84. The way you look tonight – Westlife

My mother used to sing this song. Here is a refreshing version done “live” by some British singers that I have never heard of. “Keep that breathless smile.” A smile transforms a person.

85. Unforgettable – Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole

Beautifully done as Natalie sings with a video of her late dad. Keeping it all in the family. All people are unforgettable.

86. Red River Rock – Bill Black’s Combo

This will take you back to your childhood days in the hood. Rockin’ the night away.

87. The story of my life – Marty Robbins

Here is another one I heard for the first time this week. Thanks for the nice paintings. I guess this was put on the internet by Marty’s children because of the last scene of the grave.

88. The magic touch – The Platters

Some girls have the magic touch. The next number will give you some ideas as to how to go about it.

89. Wishing and a hoping – Dusty Springfield

“All you gotta do is hold him, and kiss him, and love him, and show him that you care.” “Wear your hair just for him.”

90. A House of Gold – The Malpass Brothers

I heard this song a few weeks ago on Rambling Lou’s radio show, and those words keep burning in my heart “I’d rather be in a deep dark grave, and to know that my poor soul was saved, than to live in this world in a house of gold, and deny my God, and doom my soul.”

92. Sail along silvery moon – Chet Atkins

Just sail down lovers lane with the beautiful brass and the gorgeous guitar.

.93. The Ride – David Allen Coe

I heard this song on the radio once, and I am so glad I found it. There are some interesting words. He said: “Boy can you make folks feel what you feel inside?” Kind of a spooky number. One line says: “Can you bend them guitar strings?” Some years back I sang in the Bronx, and the first night when I twanged the guitar strings to check the sound balance, the people’s faces lit up. That was the first time I experienced that.

94. You never even call me by my name – David Allen Coe

I have heard this one a few times on the radio, and it has just dawned on me that it is the same singer as the previous one. He says another guy wrote it, but he says it wasn’t the perfect song because he didn’t mention Mama and trucks, etc. So the writer sent him another verse.

95. You never even call me by my name – Steve Goodman

I have just listened to the guy who wrote it, and found it very interesting. He sings some different words in the last verse. I always admire the song writers, because without them, there wouldn’t be any songs. Listen to the last verse.

96. East bound and down – Jerry Reed

I love the music on this one. That banjo picking is fantastic. Here is a high speed chase where the smokies get their man.

97. Beyond the sunset – Billy Vaughn

A musical of one of my favorite sunset songs by his fabulous orchestra.

98. Old Tige – Jim Reeves

Many nights I lie in bed and recite the words of this story to myself, and I feel the tingles go all through my body. Listening to it again, I realize that I don’t get all the words right, but it has such a tremendous effect on me. Thanks Jim, and thanks to all you people out there that load all these beautiful songs on the internet for us to enjoy. Even though this is about a dog, I feel I have to classify it as one of my top favorite love songs.

99. I want to stroll over heaven with you – Alan Jackson

This one should maybe be in the Mama section, because his Mama is in the audience. A very nice song.

100. Three Rusty Nails – C.W.

Back in about 1973 a friend lent me a record of Jimmy Davis singing this number, and I loved it so much. For the first few months as I was singing and playing the guitar to learn the words, the tears would run down my cheeks, as I felt that Jesus was nailed to the cross for my sins. I used to sing it in the bathroom because it had a nice echo effect, and have a good bawl session. I don’t know who this gentleman is who is singing, but “Thank you Sir.” A job well done. I put in the word “rusty” because that is the title I used when I sang it, and recorded it.

101. When I’m back on my feet again – Michael Bolton

I was going to end this page at a 100, but I accidentally came across this song as a spinoff of the last one. I had never heard it before, but it means so much to me that I must share it with you. I am trying to get back on my feet again, that is why it means so much to me. Thank you for the nice pictures that tell the story. God bless y”all.

102. Lean on me – Rascal Flatts

These words make me think of all the people who have helped me in my life. I think of a friend who helped fix my car recently. It meant so much to me. Another friend helped me with finances. Thank you to all the people who have helped me in my life. I think too of my son, who showed me how to do this website.

103. Dear hearts and gentle people – Bob Crosby

I heard this on the radio the other week, and found myself singing it all day. On the way home I was passing the Beaver Dams with the sunset reflecting off the water, and it was so beautiful.

104. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

This morning these words were running through my head: “When I hurt, hurting runs off my shoulders. How can I hurt when holding you?” I have been through a lot of hurts because of criticism, and these words seemed like healing words to me.

105. In my lonely room – The Action

I heard a song on the radio about a month ago, and I think it was this one, but I don’t know who the singers were. I often joke with my family and say: “I am going to my lonely little room.” Some years back I heard a comedian saying that in the old days when a kid needed to be punished, he was sent to his room. But now, it is no punishment, because the kids have their own TV, videos, play station games, all in their rooms! I have my own TV, video, DVD, and computer in my room too!

106. Streets of Baltimore – Bobby Bare

A very touching song about one problem in marriage.

107. Freight Train – Joan Biaz

I heard this song when I was young, and heard it again recently on the radio.One time I got on a wrong train, so I jumped off and got hurt real bad.

108. Mr. and Mississippi – Dennis Day

This week I heard this song by Patti Page, but I can’t find it on the net. “I was born to wander, oh I was born to roam.” It kind of gets under your skin.

109. A fool never learns – Andy Williams

A lot of these songs are ones I am hearing on the radio for the first time. Andy looks real happy with the girl in the picture.

110. The Reverend Mr. Black – The Kingston Trio

I had never heard The Kingston Trio sing this one until this week.

111. Wanted – Perry Como

Again, I heard this number for the first time this week, and I wondered who sang it. Perry was before my time, hence I am hearing these oldies for the first time.

112. A poor man’s roses or a rich man’s gold – Patsy Cline

The other week I heard this one for the first time. There are some good lessons in these songs.

113. Cold, cold heart – Tony Bennett

I’ve known this song from when I was young, but I heard Tony sing it for the first time this week. He does it very nicely. I love those strings.

114. Detour – Devon Dawson

I heard a girl trio singing this one on the radio, but I don’t know who they were. The closest I could find was Devon Dawson. Thanks Devon.

115. Here we go again – Ray Charles and Norah Jones

The other week I heard this song for the first time, and although it is very sad, it is very beautiful. The singing and the music is very nice.

116. Freight Train – Chet Atkins

I know I have this song on 107, but I like the way Chet Atkins plays it on his guitar. I wish I could play guitar like that. Nice pictures of trains, it makes you feel like you have gone somewhere.

117. Anna-Marie – Susan Jacks

Here is another one I heard on the radio for the first time the other week.

118. I’ve always been crazy – Waylon Jennings

The other week I was listening to Waylon singing “This time,” but as I googled it, I have chosen this song instead. There is something dark and mysterious about him, and it is very sad the way he died.

119. In the Jailhouse now – Webb Pierce

Somewhere in my dim distant memory I remember hearing this song, then I heard it on the radio last week. It was so nice to find it on the web. We gotta try and keep out of trouble, but trouble just seems to keep on coming.

120. It is no secret – Jim Reeves

The other day I came out of a supermarket and was singing the song I heard on their speakers, and I had to purposely change the tune in my head to this one, which brought me peace in my spirit. Over the years I have had to do this many times. This song calms me down and makes me happy.

121. When it’s springtime in Alaska – Kevin Stocks

The other week I heard this song on the radio, and the term “forty below” was sticking in my mind. That afternoon I gave a guy a ride who said he was from Northern Ontario “where it’s forty below.” It was so strange to hear that expression twice in one day.

122.  Coca Cola Cowboy – Mel Tillis

Another strange song, but I find it interesting.

123. A walking piece of heaven – Marty Robbins

A beautiful love song that I heard for the first time last week. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and I guess love works the same way.

124. Lost Highway – Hank Williams

When I heard this song on the radio, I felt it was a very good moral song. Good advice to youngsters about going astray.

125. It wasn’t God who made honky tonk angels – Dottie Jack

When I heard this last week, I felt I must add it on here, Here is Dottie Jack’s version. For most of the troubles in life, there is always a man to blame!

126. Remember Me (when the candle lights are gleaming) – Lee and Juanita Moore

Yesterday the power went out for about three hours. There were very strong winds. It was early in the morning, and I had nothing to do, so I got the guitar out and sang this song. It was from an old songbook, and it made me think of the old days on a farm when there was no electricity, and we had to use candles. Lots of memories. I would consider this as one of my favorite love songs from the old days. These folks I have chosen sing it real nice, although I have never heard of them before.

127. When I fall in love – Celine Dion

I love the nice pictures that go along with this one, and the words are real good.

128. What a wonderful world – Michael Buble

This is an old one, but I like the way Michael does it.

129. Hank Williams, you wrote my life – C.W.

I heard this one for the first time during the week, by Moe Bandy, and found it very interesting. This is C.W.’s version. I don’t know who C.W. is, but he does a good job. “Thank you sir.”

130. Count you blessings – unknown singer

Every tenth song is a gospel one. Here is a lady singing a hymn I heard when I was young. It is a very good lesson. In the Bible Paul said we must think on the good things. I find that if I think on good things it makes me happy, and if I think on sad things, it makes me sad.

131. Looking for love – Johnny Lee

The other day as I heard this song on the radio, I realised that many people look for love in all the wrong places.

132. Tulsa Time – Don Williams

The other day when they played this one it took me back many years. Don Williams sings so nice. It is hard to get a break in the Hollywood world, but also hard to get into the Nashville world!

133. The way you look tonight – Michael Buble

He has a way with a song that makes it special. This one always reminds me of my mother, because I heard her sing it when I was little.

134. Rhinestone Cowboy – David Hasselhoff

He says nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain. All my life I have tried to be a nice guy. He says you’re ‘down’ when you’re taking the train that’s taking the long way. I’m still on that train! Maybe one day I’ll make it to the top!

135. Rave on – Buddy Holly

Yesterday (Feb.3.2012) the radio announcers said, was the anniversary of the plane crash that took Buddy from us, and they played some of his hit songs. He and the others had so much talent.

136. My crazy life (Mi Vida Loca) – Pam Tillis

I heard this song for the first time yesterday, and thought it was very interesting. You can’t tame a wild rose… welcome to my crazy life.

137. Let’s think about living – Bob Luman

Some time back I remember hearing this song on the radio, and so I am glad I have found it on the net. It is an oldie, but the message is good.

138. Baby sings with Elvis

A baby girl in the car, while Elvis sings Dixieland. Very sweet.

139. To Know him is to love him – Emmylou, Dolly and Linda

This is an old one, but I heard it the other day by Dolly and company, and I liked their version.

140. He touched me – Benny Hinn “live” in Port Elizabeth

The other night we had visitors, and my wife wanted me to try and play the organ. This was one of the songs we sang, and my wife recorded some of the songs. It was such a holy experience. I have sung in Port Elizabeth a few times. I swam in the sea there too on my last visit with Rykie Steyn, and the Lord blessed me with a few really big waves to surf. Thanks Rykie.

141. To believe – Jackie Evancho

My friend in Switzerland just sent me this song by email, so I felt I should add it on here. Jackie looks so young, with such a big voice.

142. Enjoy the ride – Have a beautiful day

Here is another thing sent from my friend in Switzerland. It not an actual song, but a bunch of sayings with background music. It “hit the spot” for me at a time of crisis. Compiled by SanazM, with music performed by Bronnj.

143. Good friends – The Poppy Family

Listening to this song on the radio the other day, I felt I should add it on here. This song spoke yo my heart that I haven’t always been the good friend I should have. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life.

144. Last train to Clarksville – The Monkees

There is just something nice about this song.

145. I wanna dance with somebody – Whitney Houston

Sorry to hear of her untimely death. Many years ago I heard this song on a dukebox. There was so much energy: “I wanna feel the heat with somebody.”

146. The Love of God – The Mennonite Hour Singers

The pictures are so good on this one and the singing fits right in with the feeling. The love of God is the greatest one.

147. When you call on Him – Carroll Roberson

I heard this gentleman for the first time last week, and he sings some good songs.

148. God on the mountain – Lynda Randle

The other week we were at a friend’s house and she was singing this song, backing herself with the guitar. I was trying to help with the keyboard, and this song was such a blessing. Those words are so real: “Talk comes so easy, when life’s at it’s best.” She has her own website if you want to check it out: Jean Nelson. There was another guy Dave,  playing the 12 string guitar and he has his own website too: It’s never too late.

149. Amazing love – Charley Pride

I heard this song on the radio yesterday, and thought it was a lovely love song. A woman’s love for a man is an amazing thing. He says he is not worthy of her love.

150. I came here to stay – The Florida Boys

“It’s a battlefield brother, not a recreation room, it’s a fight and not a game, you can run if you want to, run if you will, but I came here to stay.” When we were in Salibury, I remember Peter Wyns quoting this song. It was so nice to find it on the net.

151. You’re the reason I’m living – Terry Harrison

This is a beautiful song.

152. Stand by your man – Tammy Wynette

This song was on my heart this morning, so I hope you enjoy it. A man and a woman compliment each other. It is like two lonely pieces of lego, and when you join them together they become one.

153. Good golly Miss Molly – Little Richard

He was a big hit when I was little.

154. Talk back trembling lips – Johnny Tillotson

I heard this song on a TV advert many years ago. I had never heard of this singer, because I didn’t grow up in America, but I though he was very interesting.

155. Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison

Somebody has put a whole bunch of photos of Priscilla Presley with this song. Very nice.

156. Dance with my father again – Lisa Marie Presley

Kind of a bitter sweet song. So sad that her dad died.

157. I know that Jesus will be there – Linda Gail and Jerry Lee Lewis

It is so nice to find this number. I had it on a record I bought in Pretoria back in about 1971.

158. Something about that Name – The Gaithers

I had lots of Gaither records when I was in South Africa, and they were such a blessing to me.

159. Happy Tracks – The Browns

So happy to find this one yesterday. I used to sometimes sing this back in the 70’s.

160. Sorry I never knew you – The Browns

So glad to find this one too. I sang this once at a campmeeting in Rusape, Rhodesia, and it seems like God really moved on the people, and most of them went to the prayer tent. Some were there till about 3 am.


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