Favorite gospel songs from the Gaither Homecoming

The Gaither Homecoming people sing a lot of my favorite gospel songs, so I would like to share some of them with you. If you don’t get to going to church, maybe some of these songs will bless you big time!

1. Never been this homesick before

This song was written by the late Dottie Rambo, so that is why the singer comes to her.

2. Bigger than any mountain

Johan Terblanche from South Africa mentioned this song on Facebook, which led me to do this section.

3. God on the mountain

Such a nice song.

4. The church triumphant

The words of this song are very good.

5. Our God reigns

The Boss is in control!

6. The family of God

The best family in the world.

7. Thanks to Calvary

I knew a guy once who was a living version of this song.

8. What a day that will be

The camera zooms in on the writer of this song.

9. The old country church – one of my favorite gospel songs by the Gaither Homecoming

10. Everybody will be happy over there

The gospel songs are generally very happy songs that lift up your spirit.

11. He set me free

It is so good to be free. You can be free from all your sins. Just repent and receive Jesus as your Saviour. It is that easy! There is no excuse for going to hell.

12. Keep on the firing line

When I was a teenager, my parents had a record of the Keller-York Quartet singing this song.

13. Turn your radio on

I had a record of Pat Boone singing this song.

14. That old time preacher man

This is one of my favorite gospel songs, but I sing it a bit faster than the Gaither Homecoming people.

15. On the Jericho road

I heard some men sing this one in church when I was little. It brings back wonderful memories.

16. There’s something about a mountain

This song became so personal for me when we had some meetings in Cape Town. Table mountain dominates the landscape.

17. Little wooden church on the hill

I first heard this song on a Jimmy Swaggart record. This is one of my favorite gospel songs when I “play” the piano, but the Gaither Homecoming people sing some different verses.

18. The Lighthouse

We heard Phil Enloe sing this song in George Scott’s church in Johannesburg back in the 70’s.

19. Til the storm passes by

I think I first heard this one on a record by Betty Jean Robinson.

20. I will serve Thee

This song always reminds me of meetings in Cape Town. At Ron West’s church this was the favorite song that they sang at every meeting.

21. Fill my cup Lord

I sang at a meeting once where David Du Plessis was the speaker, and he said he thought I was going to sing this song.

22. Through it all

I first heard this song in Fort Victoria. John Hitchcock had a ecord of Dr. Andre Pelser singing it. It was a big blessing. This is one of my wife’s favorite gospel songs. They honor the writer of the song here: Andre Crouch.

23. Soon and very soon

Rachel Willemse always used to sing this song in Alberton.

24. Born again

I had a record of Pat Boone singing a song with the same title, but it was a completely different song.

25. I just came to talk with you Lord

I loved singing this song back in the mid 70’s. We had it on a record by the Singing Rambos.

26. I came to praise the Lord

I have been wanting to find this song. “Thank you” to the Gaither Homecoming group for singing it.

27. Thank you Lord for your blessings on me

We heard this song in South Carolina when we were first in America. It is such a blessing, and a reminder to be thankful.

28. If that isn’t love

These folks harmonize so nicely.

29. I shall not be moved

30. Will the circle be unbroken

I love the banjo playing.

31.Yes I know

32. I’d rather be an old time Christian

33. O the glory did roll

34. I never shall forget the day

35. The blood bought church

36. Look for me

This is Tanya Goodman Sykes singing. Apparently her dad wrote the song.

37. Mama, the cat ate the Gaithers – Aaron Wilburn

I also have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out: countrygospelandbible.com