Favourite love songs by Cliff Richard

When I was young, Cliff Richard was a very big hit in Rhodesia, so I would like to share with you some of my favourite love songs that he sang.

1. Apron strings

This was the very first favourite love song that I sang in public.

2. Dynamite

I love the feeling of enery in the song.

3. Lucky lips

We can all dream of being so lucky.

4. Please don’t tease me

Love can be a hard game to play. Sometimes, you don’t know who you can trust.

5. Move on down the line

I heard this song on a “live” recording on an LP record of Cliff Richard at our neighbour’s house, but unfortunately this recording is cut. But it still feels exciting.

6. It’ll be me

Some of the words in this song are crazy, but it is still very enjoyable to me. There is no way that somebody is going to be on a rocket ship to Mars looking for a girl!

7. Gee wizz it’s you

I still love the enegy of Cliff Richard and the Shadows on their early recordings.

8. Travelin’ light

This is the very first song I heard by Sir Cliff Richard. When we were in Arkansas, the people wanted to know if we knew what was meant by a “whoop and a holler” and it reminded me of this song.

9. When the girl in your arms – my favourite love song by Cliff Richard

This is still such a beautiful song. I guess favourite love songs never really grow old.

10. Livin’ Doll

I think this was one of his biggest hits when I was young. It always reminds me of a girl down the street that played this song at her birthday party.

11. Bachelor Boy

So many girls were crazy about him, that I could never understand why he would sing a song like this.

12. The Young Ones

When I was young, a friend of my mother said that the best days are the school days, and I thought he was crazy. As I look back, I think he was right.

13. Summer Holiday

Sometimes I wish I could roll back the pages of time to our summer holidays when I was a teenager. It was so much fun.

14. All I ask of you

I love the way they do the sea waves in the background. When I first saw this on TV I thought it was fantastic. Thank you Sir Cliff Richard for all the memories and all the favourite love songs.