Johnny Cash Variety Songs

Johnny Cash sings a wide varierty of songs, but I would like to start with one of my favorite love songs.

1. Give my love to Rose

This song always touches my heart about how he wants to get to know his son. I have the record of him singing in Folsom Prison.

2. Route 1, Box 144

I heard this song back in about 1977, and I`ve always kept thinking about it. It is so nice to find it now on the You Tube.

3. Daddy

The same goes for this song. Thank you You Tube.

4. Oney – A Johnny Cash Variety Song

Here is an example of the type of variety of songs that Johnny Cash sang. Problems in the work place, that are very real.

5. No Charge

When I first heard this song in about 1980, it made an impression on me. Love is more important than money.

6. Tennessee flat top box

I first heard this song on a TV tribute show for Johnny Cash, and loved it.

7. Mississippi Sand

I am so glad to find this song on the You Tube. I heard it back in the seventies, and was shocked at the words. He relieved him of his pocket book, his blood and other things. His girlfriend was a rose just ripe for picking, and he nipped her in the bud.

8. I`ve got a thing about trains

I have always loved this one. My son rode on a train with me when he was little.

9. Orange Blossom Special

I have the Folsom recording.

10. Man in black

He had a bad experience with his brother dying. Maybe that is why he sings the blues.