Jim Reeves sings Sad Love Songs

Jim Reeves sings some of my favorite love songs that have a sad edge to them. In reality, things don’t always go the way we want them to go. When I was young I had a break up with a girlfriend, and used to sing a lot of these type of songs. One time when my Dad heard me singing he said: “Where does it hurt the most?” I guess he never experienced a broken heart.

1. You’ll never be mine again

What this songs means to me is too personal to share, but it was so very real to me at the time.

2. I won’t come in while he’s there

I think this was a hit after he passed away. Jim portrays a man who is mild, and easily hurt, in many of his songs. His personality kind of suited me.

3. Not until the next time

I have had some girlfriends who were dating other guys at the same time, so I can relate to this type of song.

4. Stand at your window

When I was a teenager, I used to go for walks on the streets at night and sing this song to myself. I was so lonely.

5. When you are gone

“When you are gone, there’s no fun with the crowd.” Those words are so true.

6. After loving you

Each person is different, and leave different memories.

7. Just out of reach

I sometimes wonder what Jim Reeves’ wife thought of him singing all these heavy love songs, and I wonder how many girlfriends he had before he got married.

8. A letter to my heart- Jim Reeves sings sad love songs

When I sang in public, I used to sing lots of happy songs, and was smiling all the time, but on my own I used to sing songs like this to myself, and get really sad and blue. Other people didn’t really know what I was like on the inside.

9. Am I that easy to forget

Each person is special in their own particular way. I cannot forget any of the people in my life.

10. There’s a heartache following me

“I look around, and there’s a heartache following me.” I heard a song on the radio recently that said: “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” I guess that was part of my problem.

11. I missed me

I had a live recording of Jim Reeves singing a part of this song. Doing this on my website got me hearing the rest of the song.

12. Is it really over

I am so glad I am married now, and not going through all those heartaches I went through before.

13. Missing you

Another one of Jim Reeves’ sad love songs. One is a lonely number.

14. You kept me awake last night

For the past few years, I haven’t been able to sleep at night.

15. When I lost you

Read the story below the song, about the guy’s wife dying.

16. Letter edged in black

I used to sing this one when I was a teenager, and I could always visualize the postman coming up the driveway. The heartache regarding my parents is so real as well.

17. How can I write on paper (what I feel in my heart)

Sometimes it is so hard to express what you really feel, that is why it is easier to sing a song about it.

18. There’s a new moon over my shoulder

When I heard this song when I was young, I wished I could make beautiful music like this.

19. Adios Amigo

This is the very first song I heard by Gentleman JR. I have chosen this one with the pictures of the fields, because this is more like the way I feel it. I remember being in another country, and driving out of town, looking over the fields and singing this lovely song,and it gave me that lonesome feeling.

20. There’s that smile again

Here’s a number I had never heard before, but it looked interesting. Very interesting. What a lovely one.