Favorite love songs by Jim Reeves


Jim Reeves sings quite a few of my favorite love songs. About 50 years ago I was a big fan of his, and sang about 50 of his songs.

1. I won’t forget you

This song runs through my mind all the time.

2. You’re the only good thing that’s happened to me

We have our ups and downs, like all lovers do, but you know in your heart, that I adore you. (I sometimes change the words of songs to suit myself).

3. A new moon over my shoulder

When I was young, I thought that the music in this song was the best ever.

4. I love you because

I think this is one of the best love songs ever. Jim Reeves singing, with beautiful pictures is tops in my book.

5. In the misty moonlight – Jim Reeves favorite love song

I love the talking part. It has so much meaning.

6. I’ve enjoyed as much of this as I can stand

You look lovelier tonight than I remember.

7. Don’t let me cross over

This was a big hit for him.

8. Blue skies

Such a beautiful song.

9. Why do I love you?

I never actually sang this song, but it has always been in the back of my mind.

10. The search is ended

Finding someone to love is one of the biggest searches ever.

11. Four walls

I always related to this song because I am a bit laid back, and not an agressive sort of person, (unless I get provoked).

12. Welcome to my world

I love the lush violin type music on this one.

13. Have I told you lately that I love you?

This is also one of the standard top love songs ever.

14. Till the end of the world

This one takes me right back to a friend’s house where I heard it.

15. Waltzing on top of the world

This is romance!

16. I guess I’m crazy

Love is crazy and irrational.

17. Moonlight and roses

A friend lent me this LP when I was young.

18. Mexican Joe “live”

It looks like Jim Reeves is with Tex Ritter. This song is the first song I sang on TV when I was a teenager.

19. Yonder comes a sucker “live”

I think he wrote this one, so he wasn’t always crying over lost love!

20. He’ll have to go

I think this was his biggest hit.

21. Adios Amigo

A loser song, but a good one.

22. Maria Elena

Lots of memories with this one.

23. Your old love letters

After a break up with a girlfriend, this song got me into country singing.

24. I’d like to be

This song takes me right back to where we were living when I was a teenager.

25. Rosa Rio

The other night I lay in bed singing this song. I still know all the words!

26. My happiness

Here is another lovely old time love song.

27. My hands are clean

I just found this song the other day. He sings it so nicely.