I love comedy, because it takes you to a different world, where you can have a good laugh. Life is so serious, that I need an escape.

1. Jim Carrey – Polar bears

I heard this on the radio the other day, and had a good laugh. Bob the mailman I was with me and said: “I’ll see you later,” and I replied: “If the polar bear don’t get you.”

2. Venetian Princess – You’ll look like poo

A little while back I was watching TV show where they talked about this young lady and said she was making about one and a half million dollars a year on the adverts of her songs. Wow. So now I want to put my songs on the you tube!

3. Jim Carrey – Elvis comedy

I found this very funny, then I found it was part of a movie.

4. Unknown woman – What her mother told her in a 24 hour period (with lyrics)

This one I heard on the radio some years back, but only found it yesterday. It is very interesting.

5. Jerry Seinfeld – Men and Women

I wanted to be Kit Carson.

6. Yakof Smirnoff – New to America

I first heard this guy on the radio. Some of his stories are very funny.

7. Russell Peters – Becoming a Canadian

This guy takes the mickey out of his dad.

8. Tim Hawkins – Scary bedtime prayer

My daughter showed me this one yesterday.

9. Mark Lowry – Psychiatric help

I had trouible growing up, and I still have trouble, but I have never been to a psychiatrist.