Old Country Church

1. Old Country Church – Gary, Jimmy and Johnny

“With my friends at the Old Country Church.” The other day when I went for a walk to the park, this line of the song was running through my head. I used to sing this song a long time ago, and couldn’t remember all the words.  But I was thinking that I don’t have many friends anymore, they are scattered all over the world. I have enkoyed these folks rendition of the song, so I have put them first on the list. I noticed also that Gary sings slightly different words. He sings: “If they would only kneel, Jesus would surely heal, as He did at the Old Country Church.” Maybe there’s a connection betwenn kneeling and healing?

2. Hank Williams Senior

You may wonder when I am putting this song down over and over again. Each person adds their own feeling to it, that brings back certain memories.

3. Unknown man

When I take my guitar to my room and sing, I am free to sing whatever I want, and I can sing the same song ten times over if I want to. There are no restrictions. I sing ang sing until I end up on my knees worshipping the Lord. To be honest with you, I have better times of worship like that, than what I have in going to church. I have been to hundreds of churches!

4. The Bluegrass Five

These folks add their own flavor, like “Oh how I love Jesus” and some cool banjo pickin’.

5. The Travelers

When I listened to these folks, this line stuck out to me: “And with Jesus above with His wonderful love, saved my soul at the Old Country Church.” The most important thing is to be saved. Jesus said: “I am the way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” So why don’t you do like the folks in the song, and kneel down and receive Jesus as your Savior?

6. James Rice

There are some nice pictures to this song. I hope it brings back memories of your good church experiences.

7. Jerry Lee Lewis

There is only one Jerry Lee Lewis, and he likes putting his name in the song to make it more personal. There is also the words printed there, which is handy.

8. Prairie Pickers

Here is the outdoor feel to this song. I have sung many times in parks and beaches, and outside coffee shops. Have been harrassed many times by police.

9. The Oak Ridge Boys

“Y’all come back, hear!”

10. The Carolina Mountaineers

Hearing this song feels like I am having fellowship with my brothers and sisters in other places. One day we will all be together praising God.

11. The Greenhill Boys

These are Asian type folks singing this song. I have found that Kyoto is in Japan, but the other name Sozokan could be other places in the world. But can you see how American country gospel has pread to other people? You are an influence on other people where ever you go and whatever you do.

The Old Country Church

1. The Blackwood Legacy 2011

This is now a different song with the same kind of title, done very well by these folks.

2. The Gaither Homecoming

I used to sing this song too, many years ago.

3. The Blackwood Quartet

There are lots of Blackwoods around.

4. The Gethsemane Quartet

Each of these folks add their own feel to the song.

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