Favorite love songs by Johnny Harra

I only found out about Johnny Harra a couple of weeks ago, but found him very interesting. He looks so much like the real Elvis Presley. I have chosen a few favorite love songs that he sings, and also a bit about his life. He was born the same years as me, and I am grateful to God that I am still alive.

1. In the ghetto

His daughter Lisa Marie sings very nicely with him.

2. Blue Hawaii

Many times at night I lie in bed and sing this song to myself. It is one of my all time favorite love songs. I just imagine how nice it would be to be walking along the beach while the moon is over the sea, and the waves lapping at my feet.

3. Green, green grass of home – A favorite love song by Johnny Harra

4. Don’t leave me now

5. Since I met you Baby

6. Make the world go away

Junior and senior.

7. Heartbreak Hotel

8. Early morning rain

9. Singing at a wedding April 2007 – I can’t help falling in love with you

10. Big Boss Man

Junior and senior.

11. My way – It’s now or never – I can’t help falling in love with you

A few of my favorite love songs here!

12. Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) – Interview by Fred Pfeiffer

Very good. We saw Elvis in Reno in 1976, but he tells of how he saw Elvis in Denver in 1976. Then the next morning there was a photo of him on the front page of the newspaper – they mistook him for Elvis!. So he got all excited and spent about $50 on newspapers. I thought that was so funny. I had my photo on the front page of a newspaper some years back, but I was ashamed that I looked so ugly!

13. Clips 1978 – 1989

14. Tribute – Peace in the Valley

Pictures of his wife and daughter.

15. 1981 Memphis part 1

16. 1981 Memphis part 2

17. 1981 Memphis part 3

18. 1991 Elvis sighting

19. $1 million dollar reward offered

20. Tribute for Vegas

21. Lifetime achievement award

22. On Facebook

23. Mary Scott – secretary

24. The legend website

I have just been on this website, and he sure has a lot of friends and fans.

25. Honey

Sandi said she loved this song, so I have added it on!

Johnny Harra, was born in 1946, sadly Johnny passed away in 2011. He was giving tribute to Elvis Presley for over 40 years. Famous for his role in the docudrama, “This Is Elvis” released in 1982. Since Elvis’ untimely death in 1977, during the filming of “This Is Elvis”, Johnny Harra is the only person to have laid in Elvis Presley’s bed. He had a show in Vegas, as well as on tour. Johnny starred in several re-enactments of Elvis sightings, and guest appearances on many shows. He is greatly missed by family, friends, and fans worldwide.

Harra means “Gift of God.” Some say that he was “Elvis” longer than Elvis was! I also have a gospel site if you would like to check it out: Country Gospel and Bible