Favorite love songs by Canadian singers

There are a lot of famous Canadian Singers, and I would like to share some of their favorite love songs with you.

1. Paul Anka – Diana

I heard this song by Paul when I was a little boy in Salisbury, Rhodesia, and I also had a crush on an older woman. There was also a girl at school that I liked, and her name was Diana. So when my parents asked for a second name for my sister Valerie, I said “Diana.”

2. Lucille Starr – The French Song

This was a hit song by Lucille when I was a teenager in Bulawayo. I didn’t even know people spoke French in Canada until I came here.

3. Stu Phillips – The Great El Tigre

I heard this song by Stu Philips on a Jim Reeves record in Africa, and I always think of it when I see an old man sitting on a park bench.

4. Hank Snow – The Gloryland march

The only time I heard of Hank Snow in Africa was on a gospel record at a friend’s house in Salisbury.

5. Lorne Greene – An old Tin Cup

In Bulawayo I bought an LP record of Lorne singing a bunch of western songs, and this is one of them. Back in 1976 when we visited America for the first time, we went to the Ponderosa ranch out near Lake Tahoe.

6. Anne Murray – Could I have this dance

I guess Anne is one of the most famous Canadian Singers. So many of her songs are so nice.

7. Ocean – Put your hand in the hand

I hear Ocean many times on the radio here in Canada. This was a big hit in Africa for a Rhodesian singer.

8. Gene MacLelland – Snowbird

Anna Murray had a big hit with Gene’s song, but I feel I must put his name on here because he also wrote “Put your hand in the hand.”

9. Tommy Hunter – No Charge

I first heard this song by Johnny Cash, but I loved watching the Tommy Hunter Show on TV back in the 80′s.

10. Terri Clark – Easy on the eyes

One time when we were visiting the States, I kept seeing Terri on the various TV’s wherever we went. This is one of my favorite love songs of hers.

11. Shania Twain – Any man of mine

I remember seeing this video of Shania when we were at Radio Shack many years ago. She was the top singer at the time.

12. Gordon Lightfoot – Did she mention my name

Gordon is very popular in Canada. I love the words and the guitar playing in this song.

13. Ian and Sylvia – Four Strong Winds

Ian and Sylia were big stars before I came to Canada, but as you can see from this video, they are very popular.

14. Michael Buble – Save the last dance for me – One of my favorite love songs by a Canadian singer

Michael is very popular.

15. Bryan Adams – Everything I do

The crowd in this video make for mega excitement. Bryan really socks it to them.

16. Celine Dion – If I can dream (with Elvis Presley)

I have read the book by Celine. This is a mind boggling video of amazing technology of her singing with Elvis.

17. Liona Boyd – Baby Maybe

This video of Liona is one of my wife’s favorite love song videos.

18. Dan and Melissa David – Am Yisrael Chai

These folks sang at our church last year, so I want to invite you to give them a listen.

19. Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

I was watching this on TV the other night, and he remended me of a young Elvis. He is very popular among the girls!

20. Walter Ostanek – Beer Barrel Polka

He is the King of Polka in Canada.

21. Ronnie Hawkins – Ballads

Blue birds over the mountains. I’ve heard that one on the radio a few times.

22. The Poppy Family – Which way you going Billy?

I heard this one during the week. Thank you.

23. Avril Lavigne – Complicated

Don’t mess with her!

24. Rita MacNiel – I’ll accept the rose

I have heard her a few times in the radio. She has such a nice voice.

25. Guy Lombardo – Red roses for a blue lady

I was shocked when I read that he sold between 200 and 300 million records. Wow.

26. Gwen Shaw – I worship you

Sister Gwen has passed away now, but I remember when she played the piano so nicely. I suggested that she make a video of what she does with her fingers so we can learn from her.

27. Joni Mitchell – Both sides now

There are some lessons in this song.

28. Neil Young – Heart of gold

Over 17 million hits on this one.

29. Stomping Tom Connors – Bud the spud

I heard this one on the radio before. He really gets the crowd going!

30. Josh and Bethany Baltus – Holy Spirit

These folks are the grandchildren of our friends Lester and Elsie Tucker, and they shared this with us today, March 14, 2013. Their song is very holy.

31. Canadian Singers

There are so many Canadian singers. You can check this site for more.

32. Don Foster – Don’t you worry

I have decided to put myself down as a Canadian singer too, because I have lived in Canada over twenty years and have written many songs while I have been here. I wrote this one about 15 years ago. I am a worrier by nature, so I wrote this song to try and help myself. I read a book once by Dolly Parton, where she said she has written many songs as a type of therapy for herself.

Don Foster – The Winning Side

Back in 1982 I was listening to R.W.Shambach on the radio, and his message had so much power, that I got inspired to write this song. Then I sang it that night in church. It was the Wednesday night prayer and Bible study meeting. The devil must have heard me singing it in the morning, because he sent two demon possessed men to church that night. When I was trying to give the Bible study, they both started shouting and calling me a liar. They were so loud, that I couldn’t hear myself speaking, and had a microphone plugged into my amplifier, so I closed the meeting in prayer. I got so bugged by demon possessed people that I left the church, because the church didn’t believe in casting out devils. If you look at the back of the Bible, you will see that God is going to win in the end, so to be on the winning side we need to be on God’s side.

Don Foster – Canada Stands Tall

I wrote this song on Feb.5.2017. I was lying in bed trying to sleep and felt this song kept coming at me, so eventually I obeyed. I got out of bed, put the light on, and the whole song just flowed from the beginning to the end – 5 verses. I believe it was inspired by God!

33. Marty Allen

I was reading in the paper today that he is singing in Niagara Falls this week. (March 6.2014)

34. Beth Moore – OK OK – “live”

Beth Moore – OK OK – recording

In the top twenty. I read about this young woman in the newspaper.

35. Burton Cummings – Stand Tall

36. The Promise – Happy 150 Birthday Canada – Love from Victoria.

I enjoyed this song.

37. St. Albert 150 song

I saw on the internet that there was a song competition for this town, and maybe this lady was the winner. Very good music.

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