Memphis Tennessee – a favorite love song

Memphis Tennessee is one of my all time favorite love songs, and every so often I take my guitar and play and sing it. It has such a nice beat, and playing it in the key of D, I love doing those weird notes that make it so special. I was written by Chuck Berry, and it seems like just about every singer likes to sing this song.

1. Johnny Rivers “live” on American Bandstand TV 1964 (Dick Clark)

The first time I heard Memphis Tennessee was by Johnny Rivers on the radio in Bulawayo.

2. Elvis Presley – Memphis Tennessee – a favorite love song

Many years later I heard the Elvis version. When I visited Graceland in 1983, the bus took us to The Sun Studio and a tour of Memphis.

3. The Ventures “live”

Back in the 70’s I bought a record of the Ventures where they played each guitar part separately and then put them all together to teach people how to play the song in all the different parts.

4. Buck Owens and his Buckaroos “live” TV show

5. Jerry Lee Lewis – “live “ in Paris, France 1989 (James Burton)

6. Chuck Berry – “live” London BBC TV 1972

7. John Lennon and Chuck Berry “live” on The Mike Douglas TV show

8. The Rolling Stones “live”

9. Jarvis Cocker “live”

10. Johnny Rivers – “live” 1973

11. Mickey Jupp “live”

12. The Express Band – “live”

13. Cliff Richard – “live”

Sir Cliff sings a lot of my favorite love songs.

14. Elvis Presley – “live” recording

We saw Elvis “live” in Reno back in 1976. The women were screaming!

15. Leonard Adam – “LIVE”

16. The Dodge Brothers – “live”

17. Glen Campbell and John Hartford – “live” – plus banjo jam

18. MGB – “live” – plus Little sister

19. Prisioneros del Rock ’n Roll – “live”

20. The Astronauts – “live” on TV Hollywood A Go-Go 1965

In 1965 I used to visit Tony Law in Bulawayo, and watch the Hollywood a go go show on the TV. Sue Law was his sister. It brings back lots of memories.

21. Dave Clark Five

22. Roy Orbison

23. Vince Taylor 1961

I had never heard of Vince Taylor before hearing him singing Memphis Tennessee. Apparently he was a big hit in France.

24. Pat Boone

Pat Boone sings a lot of my favorite love songs, and I enjoyed hearing him sing Memphis Tennessee.

25. Chuck Berry “live” 1972

26. Bobby Bare and Waylon Jennings

27. The Beatles

28. Carl Perkins

29. Tom Jones

30. Rod Stewart and The Small Faces

31. Jerry Lee Lewis “live” 1981

32. Dave Berry “live”

33. Terry White Band – “live” (Netherlands I think)

34. George Thorogood – extra verses

35. The Animals

36. The Walkers

37. Tyler Kealey

38. The Barbarians

39. Wilson Pickett

40. Al Green

43. Conjunto Madrigal

41. Bill Black’s Combo

42. Lonnie Mack

43. Johnny A. – “live” guitar plus more

44. Danyel Gerard “live” – in French (I think)

45. Johnny Hallyday – in French (I think)

46. Bern Spier – in German

47. Eddy Mitchell – in French (I think)

48. Davoli – (not sure what language)

49. Norman Knight – in French (I think)

50. Eric – playing guitar

51. Kirby – guitar lesson

52. John Stipe – guitar lick

53. Guitar lesson