Favorite love songs by The Kendalls

Many years ago I saw The Kendalls on the TV, and I loved their singing and music. I have found a whole bunch of favorite love songs that they sing, and I hope you enjoy them. A lot of their famous songs are cheating songs, which I don’t agree with, so I have kept them to a minimum, and posted a whole lot of other songs which I think are very nice.

1. If you’re waiting on me, you’re backing up “live”

2. I’m already blue “live”

3. Moving train “live”

4. Bye bye love “live” – One of my favorite love songs

5. If you break my heart “live”

6. Blue blue day “live”

7. I had a lovely time “live”

8. If you let him drive you crazy, he will “live”

9. Making believe “live”

10. Thank God for the radio “live”

I used to drive taxi, and it was so good to have the radio late at night in a far away town.

11. My baby left me “live”

The Kendalls make me think of the Elvis song.

12.  My Baby’s gone “live”

13. Leaving on a jet plane “live”

14. Make a dance “live”

15. Sweet desire “live” in Germany

16. Jamboree in the hills 1982 “live”

The Kendalls sure sing to big crowds.

17. Old fashioned love

18. Try me again

19. I’d dance every dance with you

20. Put it off until tomorrow

21. Mandolin man

22. Heart of the matter

23. Heartaches by the number

This was one of my favorite love songs when I was young.

24. Crying time

Another one of my favorite love songs.

25. Don’t let me cross over

This was a big hit for Jim Reeves in the country that I come from. I remember singing this song at a hotel where the manager was having an affair with the secretary. When I sung it, they looked at each other, and she quit her job. So this used to be one of my favorite love songs when I was a pop singer.

26. Curtain in the window

27. Honey Dew

28. Precious love

29. Let me get lost

30. Falling in love

31. I’ll be faithful to you

32. If you don’t want the fire

33. Don’t call me your only sunshine

34. She thinks I still care

35. Big silver jet

36. Diesel Gypsy

37. Never my love

38. Flaming eyes

39. Make me your kind of woman

40. That’s what I get for thinking

41. Four wheel drive

42. Everything I own

43. I don’t do like that no more

44. It’s raining on my hero

45. Wildflower

46. I’m dreaming again

47. Love chooses you

The next three songs are Jeannie, because her father passed away.

48. I wonder where you are tonight

49. Timeless and true love – Jeannie Kendall and Alan Jackson

The Kendalls also recorded a number of country gospel songs. You can hear some of them on my other website: countrygospelandbible.com