Favorite Love Songs by Slim Whitman

Slim Whitman sings many of my favorite love songs. I love the way he has a yodel in his voice, and I also love that very high steel guitar sound.

1. White silver sands

2. Harbor lights

This song has a special meaning to me, and I love the beautiful video.

3. Blue bayou

I have often thought of this song, and longed to be by the sea. It is so tough to be “working till the sun don’t shine.” Slim Whitman sings all these songs so well.

4. Remember me, I’m the one who loves you

5. Red river valley – my favorite love song by Slim Whitman

When I was a teenager, I loved this song so much, and longed to be in America.

6. Something beautiful to remember

7. Red sails in the sunset

8. Love letters in the sand

Another song that brings back so many memories.

9. I’m walking behind

I heard this one on the radio by Eddie Fisher.

10. I love you because

11. Anytime

I love the yodel in Slim Whitman’s voice.

12. In the misty moonlight

I used to love singing this favorite love song.

13. Blue eyes crying in the rain slim and Byron

This is still one of my favorite love songs.

14. Careless hands

15. Home on the range

16. Tumbling tumbleweeds

17. Paper roses

18. From a jack to a king

This was a hit when I was dating my first girl friend.

19. Rocking alone in an old rocking chair

Tears at my heart.

20. Weary and blue

I love all the old photos.

21. These are my mountains

22. Letter edged in black

Takes me back to my teenage years.

23. Down in the valley

I heard this song on a TV movie. An old western with Kirk Douglas.

24. Galway Bay

I lay in bed last night with this song on my heart.

25. Faded love

It is so sad too see love fade. Some people who used to love me, don’t want to know me anymore.

26. Think I’ll go somewhere and cry myself to sleep

27. Have I told you lately

I heard my mother sing this favorite love song when I was a little boy.

28. Hi Lili hi lo

I played in a band that used to do this song.

29. Mocking bird hill

Every song that Slim Whitman sings is beautiful.

30. Send me the pillow

31. Gonna find me a blue bird

32. Stranger on the shore

33. River of no return

34. South of the border

35. Just out of reach

36. I’ll hold you in my heart

37. It keeps right on a hurting

38. Top of the world

39. Nobody’s darling but mine

40. Una Paloma blanca

41. You are my sunshine

42. Somebody loves you

43. More than yesterday