Favorite Gospel Songs by Jack Holcomb

1. My God is real

I hope you enjoy some of these timeless old favorite Gospel songs as sung by Jack Holcomb.

2. Tell mother I’ll be there

I remember John Piermain singing this song at the meetings when I was a teenager.

3. I shall know him

There is a very holy feeling when Jack Holcomb sings. I hope you feel it too.

4. Stranger of Galilee

When I was little, I remember Pastor Shanklin singing this song, and playing his piano accordion. It is so wonderful to be able to hear these old songs on the youtube. Many many years later I wrote my own song about Galilee, after being in Israel, called: Blue Galilee.

5. I found the answer

6. He is coming soon

7. One more valley

8. Born to serve the Lord

Mr. Jack Holcomb expresses what I feel – my purpose for living is to do something for Jesus.

9. Some golden daybreak

10. Great judgment morning

When I was little I heard Slim Whitman singing this song on a record. One day we all have to give an account.

11. If I gained the world

12. Leave it there

13. In times like these


This is a photo I took of “Uncle” Willie Roeland.

When I was visiting South Africa in 1971, I stayed a few months with “Uncle” Willie Roeland at his house called “Eldorado.” He told me once how he was in a car full of businessmen hurrying to get to a meeting, when a tire blew out. He said they went all over the road, miraculously missing all the other cars, then the car rolled a few times, then spun around on it’s roof before landing back on it’s wheels. He said he only had time to say: “Jesus.” He said as they sat there in the car in total shock, with the dust settling, there was a tape in the tape deck, and someone was singing this song: “In times like these – you need a Savior.” Wow – that’s true!

14. The Holy City Jerusalem

15. Take up thy cross

16. Just as I am

17. One of my favorite Gospel songs by Jack Holcomb –  It took a miracle

The other week after making the song list, I found myself lying in bed that night singing this song over and over again.

18. He washed my eyes with tears

19. Without Him

20. Why should he love me so

To me there is a very holy feeling about this favorite gospel song.

21. In the garden

22. He touched me

23. It is well

24. The touch of his hand on mine

25. I stand amazed

26. Way to cross over

27. Must Jesus bear the cross alone

28. Down deep in my heart

29. Ninety and nine

30. There is a balm

31. Lily of the valley

When I was little, I heard my Mother singing this song, and it has remained one of my favorite gospel songs. It brings back so many memories of my childhood.

32. All the way the Savior leads me

33. Open your heart

34. I’d rather have Jesus

35. ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

I remember hearing my daughter singing this one, so I feel it must be one of her favorite gospel songs.

I found it so sad to read that Mr. Jack Holcomb died at the age of 47, but he achieved something for Jesus. We can be so blessed so many years later with his beautiful rendition of these magnificent songs.

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