The Beatles

The Beatles sing some of my favourite love songs. I enjoy seeing them perform “live,” so I have got some links to their “live” concerts.

1. The Beatles and Larry KIng (part 3)

The other day I was looking through some old videos, and I came across Larry King talking to Paul and Ringo, and it did something for me. It was so nice hearing them chat about things.

2. Larry King (part 4)

On this section, Larry asks them why they are still playing when they don’t need the money. They point out that they enjoy singing and playing, that’s what they do. That helped me a lot. Everybody’s gotta do what they enjoy doing.

3. In Japan 1966

This is one of their nicest recordings in full color. Paul just had a little trouble with the microphone turning all the time. About 30 minutes.

4. Arriving in America 1964

Ringo talks about this with Larry King.

5. Washington USA 1964

This is in black and white. I am shocked that they don’t have a boom mike for Ringo. There are some problems with the mike sound too. It is interesting to see how the Beatles handle the problems.

6. Melbourne Australia (part 1)

These are nice recordings in black and white.

7. Melbourne (part 2)

The middle of the show.

8. Melbourne (part 3)

I find it exciting to see the exciement of the crowd.

9. Liverpool 1963

This is a TV show done in a theatre. The Beatles really get these girls excited.


Hank Williams

I feel like going back in time to the old Hank Williams. I find the past so fascinating. Unfortunately some of the favorite love songs are a bit sad.

1. I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you (with Anita Carter)

This looks like a live TV show. I heard this song when I was a teenager, and many times it ran through my head regarding a girlfriend I used to have.

2. Hey Good Looking

I was singing at a retirement village once, when someone requested this song.

3. Cold, Cold Heart

Some of these words are very real: “Another love before my time, made your heart sad and blue, and so my heart is paying now, for things I didn’t do.”

4. Your cheating heart

It seems like Hank Williams had a lot of love problems.

5. Jambalaya

Lots of country folks sing this number.

6. Blue eyes crying in the rain

I wonder if Hank did this one first?

7. Be careful of stones that you throw

This is a moral song that is worth a listen.

8. A tramp on the street

I had a record of Pat Boone singing this song. It is so good to find it again.

9. Beyond the sunset

I think this should be called: “Should you go first.”

10. Hank Williams – Life story

His life was way too short.


I love comedy, because it takes you to a different world, where you can have a good laugh. Life is so serious, that I need an escape.

1. Jim Carrey – Polar bears

I heard this on the radio the other day, and had a good laugh. Bob the mailman I was with me and said: “I’ll see you later,” and I replied: “If the polar bear don’t get you.”

2. Venetian Princess – You’ll look like poo

A little while back I was watching TV show where they talked about this young lady and said she was making about one and a half million dollars a year on the adverts of her songs. Wow. So now I want to put my songs on the you tube!

3. Jim Carrey – Elvis comedy

I found this very funny, then I found it was part of a movie.

4. Unknown woman – What her mother told her in a 24 hour period (with lyrics)

This one I heard on the radio some years back, but only found it yesterday. It is very interesting.

5. Jerry Seinfeld – Men and Women

I wanted to be Kit Carson.

6. Yakof Smirnoff – New to America

I first heard this guy on the radio. Some of his stories are very funny.

7. Russell Peters – Becoming a Canadian

This guy takes the mickey out of his dad.

8. Tim Hawkins – Scary bedtime prayer

My daughter showed me this one yesterday.

9. Mark Lowry – Psychiatric help

I had trouible growing up, and I still have trouble, but I have never been to a psychiatrist.


Hurting Songs

I am doing this section on Hurting Songs as a type of therapy to help myself with some problems I have been through.

1. Mean – Taylor Swift

My daughter introduced me to this video. Taylor says someone got her to “feeling like a nothing.” That is what I have been through. Hey I am not alone.

2. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

Demi says: “Go on and try to send me down,¬† I will be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper.” Wow. I hope I can bounce back like that.

3. He gets that from me – Reba McEntire

This is a very heart touching song about experiencing the hurt of losing a loved one. This movie is done so very well.

4. I don’t hurt anymore – Martina McBride

This is an oldie, but a goodie, done by a modern singer. When I first heard this song by Hank Snow, it was like a comfort to my heart. I am longing for the day when I won’t hurt anymore.

5. It keeps right on a hurting since you’re gone – Johnny Tillotson

I heard this number on the radio some time back.

6. Blue side of lonesome – Jim Reeves

This one goes back to my childhood, where he says: “You’re saying you’re sorry you hurt me, but you hurt me much more than you know.”

7. It only hurts for a little while – Anne Murray

“That what they tell me, that’s what they say.” But sometimes the hurts won’t go away.

8. That’s when your heartaches begin – Elvis Presley

I saw a movie, and also read it somewhere, that when Elvis sang in Nashville, one of the top music men told him to go back to truck driving. But it backfired on him, because when Elvis was so popular, according to Chet Atkins, he nearly put Nashville out of business. So, what I am saying is, Elvis didn’t quit because of the criticism.

9. I can’t stop loving you – Guy and Ralna

“They say that time, heals a broken heart, but time has stood still, since we’ve been apart.” Maybe it is only Jesus who can heal a broken heart?

10. Crying time – Buck Owens and Emmylou Harris

Even though it is so sad, I still love it.